“A good caddie is more than a mere assistant. He is guide, philosopher and friend.”
- Henry Longhurst

About Chris Jones

Chris Jones grew up in New Jersey and is part of a large Italian family there.  His first sports love was baseball, which took him to Lynn University to play on the team.  He has always loved snowboarding and that prompted him to move out west to the Reno Tahoe area soon after college, where he resides today.  He enjoyed snowboarding in the winters, but needed something to do in the summer so he began working at a golf course and fell in love with golf.  He wanted new challenges in the game so he began caddying and got his first job on the PGA TOUR with long time pro Dicky Pride.

I played with Dicky a number of times from 2003-2005 on the TOUR so I got an up -front view of Chris at work.  I admired Chris’s on course demeanor, his work ethic and dependability.  I hired Chris in 2006 and never looked back.  We have had an extremely long union in relation to other caddy-player unions on the TOUR.  He jokes sometimes that he knows my yardages so well that he sometimes makes a mistake in his own game, choosing a club based on my yardages.  He is a very accomplished player, sporting a 5 handicap and has won both the A and B flight in the annual caddy tournament.  The 2014-15 season marks our tenth straight year working together.