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2014 Todd Warshaw / Getty Images Sports
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Hello everyone. I hope you all are having a great summer. My family and I just enjoyed a fun week at the John Deere Classic where we were able to participate in the Big Dig once again. The tournament hosts one of the best family nights of the year at the John Deere Test Facility where we can drive around those huge earth moving machines, like backhoe loaders, diggers and tractors. There’s also great summertime food, a well stocked fishing pond (my son caught 5 fish in an hour), fireworks and a show. Oh, and it is a PGA TOUR event too. I had a good run there, making two late birdies to squeak out the cut, eventually finishing 63rd.

The season is winding down and as of now, I have three more tournaments to make the FEDEX CUP PLAYOFFS, the RBC Canadian Open in Montreal, the Barracuda Championship in Reno and the Wyndham in Greensboro. As much as I want to make it the post season and make a run for the TOUR Championship, I remind myself that this year I vowed to try some new things that I’ve wanted to try in my game, to see if they could help. I vowed to put my scores aside and not get caught up in my standings or tournament finishes, but that has been more difficult than I thought. I am sticking to my guns and have recently realized how I got sucked into wanting to finish high only, not focusing on the process, therefore getting in my own way. It was nice to hear Rory say he was focusing on his process at the Open Championship. All of us professional golfers know it, but actually doing it is another story. I am loving the challenge the game brings, bringing me back to my younger years in some of Milwaukee area parks, just me, my clubs and a shag bag full of Titleists. That is is what the game is all about, finding it in the dirt.

Hit ‘em straight everyone and do that one putt thing.

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