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2013 Sam Greenwood / Getty Images Sport
Copyright 2013 Sam Greenwood / Getty Images Sport

Hello everybody! Do you get excited watching March Madness and seeing the promos for the Masters? I sure do. It brings back great memories of racing home as fast as I could, well as fast as my Mom could drive home, to tune in the coverage on USA network and hearing that all familiar Masters music. Unfortunately, I did not qualify for the field this year, but that just fuels the fire to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I hope you enjoy tuning in and seeing who makes history this year at Augusta National.

Thanks to everyone for cheering me on so far this year as I know it has probably been tougher than normal. Believe me the scores are tough to take for me as well, but I am pressing on for the goal ahead as I know that one good week can turn the season right around. I am so close to breaking out and playing some great golf for four straight days so stay tuned. I am off until the RBC Heritage in Hilton Head, SC beginning April 17th. Until then, enjoy the game.

– Mark

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