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A look inside the lives of PGA TOUR families.

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In honor of the Association’s 25th Anniversary, the PGA TOUR wives give you an inside look into their personal lives, and they did it all for charity. Net proceeds from the sale of this book will go back to PTWA charities.

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2013 Chris Condon/ PGA TOUR
Copyright 2013 Chris Condon/ PGA TOUR

As I was competing these first two months of 2013, my wife, Amy, was working long hours on the PGA TOUR Wives’ Association’s new book called “Beyond the Fairways and Greens,” which celebrates their 25th anniversary.  The association has been collecting stories and recipes from the families that have traveled the PGA TOUR together, beginning with Arnold Palmer and ending with the young players of today.  It is a well done book with lots of personal accounts and made even more worthwhile with family recipes in the back of the book.

We got awareness out at the PGA Show in Orlando, where we even did a cooking demonstration thanks to KithcenAid’s temporary kitchen set.  Then we had a huge launch party at the Northern Trust Open last week.  It was fun to see about 100 players and wives dressed up, celebrating 25 years of giving back on the part of the wives.  There was dancing, and I was cutting a rug pretty good, I might add.  My fellow players might not agree, but I sure had a great time.  I am so proud of my wife and the many hours she puts into giving back.  It is great to have a book like this to honor their work.  If you are interested in ordering it with all the proceeds going to charity, visit

After some time in the snow and cold here at home in Elmhurst, I’ll be off to the Honda Classic to get back to work.  If you have looked at my results so far, they haven’t exactly resembled 2011 or 2012, but I am so excited for the rest of the year.  I even had another player jokingly ask me last week if everything was all right.  I said,”Yes, why do you ask?”  His response: “Well, you’ve usually won once or twice by now.”

I was thinking about it the other day and a sense of gratefulness came over me that calmed me considerably.  What I mean is that even though my scores haven’t been what I had hoped for, I still get the opportunity to continue to figure it all out on the PGA TOUR.  Let’s face it, my scores would not get me through Q-school right now, but because of past victories on the TOUR, I get to compete on the best golf courses against the best golfers in the world.  I realize you all are cheering for me and it might have been tough the last two months, but know that I am loving the challenge of the game right now.  Like many other times in my career, it will be so sweet when it all comes around for that next week when four good scores in a row are listed next to my name.

As for my family life, my sons are growing like crazy and my youngest is now already 6 months old.  Before they were born I had no idea that one of my top goals in life would be to someday hear one of them say,”I want to be just like my Dad.”  Here’s hoping many of us fathers can someday hear that.

Enjoy the journey.

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